I’m an Illustrator and Graphic designer based in Paris, France.

I originally studied graphic design, before gravitating to a career as an illustrator. I have 7 years of experience as a Graphic Designer (creating brands visual identity, signs, advertisements… within the teams of the biggest Korean department store company, Lotte Department) and 8 years of experience as an Illustrator (making visual contents for books, magazines, album covers, exhibitions…)

I’m born in Busan where I was surrounded with the numerous vivid and dynamic colours of the beaches, waves, fishes, trees, sunset, sunrise, … These elements are my core artistic influences.

I enjoy the flow of watercolor on paper and the scratch sound of pens. Consequently, I work mainly with watercolor, pen and mixed media, combining hand-drawn elements with a digital finish. My favorite things to draw are Paris cityscapes : cafe, vintage items, buildings, sculptures… 

Also I like to explore Paris while recording what I experience, bringing pens, papers and a camera. By doing this, I absorb French cultures that are far from my Korean background, and which helps me to better understand Paris.

In my spare time, I give drawing lessons to students. Their attitude and motivation give me greats feedbacks and energy I use in my art.

E-mail: hevony@naver.com
Instagram: @hyerikim.fr
Youtube: bit.ly/2UI9BPe

Dal Publishing
Mimesis Publishing
Sam&Pakers Publishing
GQ, Magazine
Big Issue, Magazine
Conceptzine, Magazine
CJ hello Vision, Broadcaster
Kovea, Camping Brand
Seoul Haja Center, Education
Soul Soup, Design company
Kunst, Kids book
France Bike Tour, Travel Agency
Zingo, Siger Album Cover Desing and M/V Animation
Ojenez, Perfume Brand, Package Illusration

Exhibitions & Awards
Seoul T-shirs Award, 2009
Busan International Design Award, 2009
BIBIDA, Group Exhibition, 2009
Seoul Illustration Award, 2015
HyeriKim, Exhibition, 2016
Me-ow, Exhibition, 2016
Today X Today, Exhibition, 2016
Sagongz, Group Exhibition, 2016
Fida 5th award, Long listed, 2022